White Label Full Stack Software Development Certificate Program and Managed Apprenticeships


We know that the best way to create a job-ready workforce is by connecting schools and employers. 

Edcelerant sits in the middle, eliminating the complexities so schools can educate and employers can hire the best talent.


Edcelerant’s full-time, 16-week Full Stack Software Development certificate program is designed to teach the interdisciplinary components that are required to become a successful Full Stack software developer.

The certificate program includes a comprehensive understanding of both front-end and back-end web development, and is designed to be taught in sequential order.  Each lesson includes both lecture and lab work which often build on the previous lesson. Technical tool sets were chosen with input from Employer Partners that participate in our optional paid apprentice program.
The Full Stack Software Development coursework is designed to be taught in an intensive way to simulate a real-world work environment. Evidence shows that students who learn in a manner that replicates their future work environment will become better developers (and employees), and therefore we do not offer our curriculum online. Classroom work encompasses a full eight hour work day, five days per week. Additional night and weekend labwork and independent study may be necessary for some students.

Though the classroom lessons include a significant amount of supervised lab projects that will eventually be incorporated into the students’ example portfolio, students are expected to design an independent Capstone Project that demonstrates the cumulative knowledge acquired throughout the program.

The program is designed to accompany an optional additional 24 week paid apprentice program. Edcelerant manages all aspects of the apprentice program, including placement, payroll and regulatory reporting.  Our curriculum license includes an option to deliver the apprenticeship for additional credit. 

Flexible License

Edcelerant's curriculum license terms allow for a range of options that best fit your school.  Implement our delivery and reporting tool suite, or deliver using your existing LMS and SIS. At the end of the day, this is your course, and your students. We encourage you to get the program accredited, and will work with the school and accreditor to help speed up the process. 

We offer two license options - pay a percentage of gross tuition revenue towards curriculum maintenance, or take advantage of our open source program - no fees, but your schools is obligated to contribute to ongoing going course maintenance.

A la carte Options

Edcelerant offers a range of additional services to help deliver our programs.  We can help design your marketing material, and we're available to advise on the best practices of enrollment management, based on the collective knowledge of all school partners.  We can also assist in instructor staffing, including teaching assistants. Our placement services and regulatory reporting come with our apprenticeship package, and may be available to qualified students of other programs your school offers.

Quality Control

Success of our Partner Network requires that your school maintain the highest standards in admissions requirements, data collection and outcome reporting. Maintaining our minimum admission standards and implementing regular assessment testing enables our Employer Partners to remain committed to the long term success of your program and students, and makes job placement a seamless step in your students' career journey.


modern Programs without the large investment

Licensing Edcelerant's certificate program eliminates the needed for costly and timely curriculum development. Researching needs assessments, planning and mapping, hiring curriculum development teams and subject matter experts, and building lesson plans for 800 hours of coursework might cost upwards of $400,000 and take years. Keeping those courses up to date and work-relevant requires revenue from many dozens of students just to break even. 

Edcelerant provides modern materials with limited upfront expenses, no ongoing maintenance fees for curriculum upkeep, and no need to bring in new curriculum development staff.

market ready Curriculum

Learning to become a software developer isn't easy, and making sure students get the right skills is even tougher.  We've cleared those hurdles by hiring experienced curriculum designers and pairing them with working practitioners and subject matter experts. Our educational team crafts learning objectives to ensure that students have the ability to build upon a strong foundation and maximize learning retention. Our employer partners help suggest which tools, libraries, web frameworks and other resources students should use to implement practical solutions. Together, we design cutting edge curriculum that creates job-ready graduates.  


network scalability and credibility

New programs take time to catch on, and often take years to become profitable. A network of cooperating educational institutions delivering the same program drives down development and maintenance costs, enabling schools to teach more high quality programs.

Now imagine delivering top tier curriculum that comes with the credibility of carrying a seal of approval from the most prominent employers in the region. With Edcelerant, student placement outcomes will no longer be a concern.

lead generation for degree completers

Edcelerant's curriculum is divided into courses that mirror standard computer science course progressions. The standardized delivery process across a network of colleges and universities makes credit articulation a simple process.  Given the typical bootcamps student - a second career adult - Edcelerant programs are deliver highly qualified leads for your school's existing degree completion programs, without the possibility of cannibalizing existing programs.