Coding Bootcamps and Apprenticeships

Edcelerant's core program is a 4-month, full stack web development certificate - curriculum which we license to colleges and universities to deliver with our guidance.

Designed to meet Department of Education and accreditors' standards, our plug and play certificate program is designed with the aim of putting students to work immediately upon completion.  Each language, framework, library and tool was chosen with input from practicing experts in the field, as well as our employer partners, ensuring that graduating students can hit the ground running. 

All qualified graduates are offered a six-month paid apprenticeship.


Edcelerant Full Stack Software Development Certificate

Employer Designed, University Run.

Front End

Plan your site, wire frame, utilize templates and manipulate layouts.  Learn responsive design using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  Incorporate charting libraries into Twitter Bootstrap. Integrate APIs, display information based on user roles. Understand DOM, jQuery, Ajax and Preprocessors. Learn basic SEO and A/B testing.

Back End

Learn object oriented development with Python. Add libraries and web frameworks. Store, process and retrieve data using SQL and NoSQL. Build complex web applications in the cloud by integrating custom and third party APIs. Store and display dynamic data based on multiple user roles.  Study security and activity logging. Make decisions based on user analytics.

Dev Ops and Cloud Services

Launch complex applications in the cloud using Amazon Web Services. Utilize various AWS services for speed and efficiency.  Add in automation. Understand Git, Agile development and automation. Iterate, test and deploy.

Projects and Practical Applications

Front end project: demonstrate UI/UX, responsive design and dynamic data by building off of our backend API

Full stack project:  design an application using web framework with multiple user roles, security and logging. Access multiple APIs and serve live data.

Capstone project: showcase everything you've learned throughout the program. Design both the front and back ends, deploy your database and API in the cloud.

Interview Prep

Beat out the competition by showing off the skills that you've acquired. Learn to anticipate what questions you will face in a technical interview. Know how to demonstrate your mastery of a subject by showing your logical thought process.

Apprentice: Learn and Earn Guarantee

Every student who passes the skill assessment exam and completes the Full Stack Web Development Certificate is offered a six-month paid apprenticeship at an Edcelerant Employer Partner. 

It's that simple. Demonstrate that you have the skills, and we'll take care of the rest.  Employers will provide relevant work experience and mentoring, as well as report back to the school on your progress. Edcelerant will process the payroll, and trainees earn $1000 per week plus benefits.