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Edcelerant apprenticeships

High impact workforce solutions

750,000 today

Today, there are 750,000 open positions in the US that require software development skills. That doesn't include the 150,000 open help desk support and QA jobs unfilled.

1 Million by 2020

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics say that talent gap will reach 1 Million in just 2 short years. Other estimates top 1.5 Million.

Add in the need for low-level tech support and QA testing, and we’re looking at a crippling tech talent shortage of staff with coding skills. Is your company prepared?

The Edcelerant Solution >

Edcelerant’s Employer Partnership packs a huge punch with little effect on your company’s bottom line.  Odds are good that you’re facing the same problem as every other cutting edge employer - finding talented employees is near impossible, and keeping the good ones is even harder.

Edcelerant has a high impact solution that your company can’t afford to pass up.  Highly motivated, second career adults with skillsets customized to fit your company's needs.


Join the Edcelerant Employer network.

Your company just needs to commit to helping close the gap. Edclerant will do the heavy lifting.

For equal or less than the typical hiring expense of finding a junior developer, you can fund the education for a future coder AND get an experienced, work-ready employee for six months.


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The process goes like this:

We create cutting edge computer science curriculum with your input, teaching the exact tools that you need in a future employee.

Edcelerant then partners with colleges and universities in your region to teach accelerated coding courses known as bootcamps. Together, we recreate real world work environments, preparing your future employees for what they will see every day.

When classroom training is done, students complete a six-month apprenticeship at your company, with Edcelerant acting as a staffing contractor, handling all the details.  Your expected to provide relevant work, supervision and mentorship.

After that, it’s up to you - continue with a contract extension or hire the trainee full time. If the trainee doesn’t work out, your company is under no obligation to keep the person.


To recap:

Edcelerant >

Designs cutting edge Full Stack curriculum for colleges and universities. Together, we help schools retrain experienced adults for a new career.

Your Company >

Advises on curriculum details to help equip the next generation of employees with the right skills.

Edcelerant >

Graduates new work-ready developers.

Your Company >

Hires and mentors an apprentice for 6 months. Take 1 or 100. Hire the apprentices you help train.



Benefits of Apprentices to Employers

Well Trained apprentices Reduce lost productivity

Employees who are productive from day 1 add value and subsidize mentoring costs. The average bad hire replacement results in 3 months of downtime and $35K in lost productivity.

Cheaper to train than hire, boost retention

Same $65K cost to teach a trainee as the typical hiring costs of an entry level developer, but much lower turnover and 8 years of work experience. Apprentice retention rates are 70%+

Increases regional talent pipeline

Greater employee loyalty with philanthropic opportunities, creates community goodwill and potential tax benefits with apprentice programs. Stop poaching talent and driving up costs.

Customized workforce below market rate

Employees with industry and company-specific job-ready skills mean a shorter learning curve and faster onboarding. Get what you need and try before you buy with no obligations.