Workforce development for today's tech hire.

Edcelerant offers Program Management services for coding bootcamps at colleges and universities and manages Paid Apprenticeships on behalf of partner schools.  We work directly with employers to develop job-ready curriculum and create a direct path for employment.


Our Mission: Close the Tech Talent Gap

Nationwide, the demand for coders far outweighs the supply, and the talent gap is growing wider every day. Through university and employer partners, Edcelerant creates job-ready coders and puts those people to work. We help schools to equip second-career adults with the skills necessary for immediate employment as a software developer, and we facilitate paid apprenticeships for every student that completes our program.




L earn More 


Full Stack Coding Bootcamp & Apprenticeship

Edcelerant's core program is a 4-month, full stack web development certificate - curriculum which we license to colleges and universities to deliver with our guidance. Designed to meet Department of Education and accreditors' standards, our plug and play certificate program is designed with the aim of putting students to work immediately upon completion.  Each language, framework, library and tool was chosen with input from practicing experts in the field, as well as our employer partners, ensuring that graduating students can hit the ground running.  All qualified graduates earn a six-month paid apprenticeship.


Learn and Earn Guarantee

Every qualified graduate is guaranteed a six month paid apprenticeship.

It's that simple. Demonstrate the skills, and we'll take care of the rest.

Before the bootcamp, you couldn't even get your foot in the door. Now, get access to large companies you've always dreamed about working for.  Instantly change your path to a stable, high-paying career.

Big Impact

By providing colleges and universities with accelerated “bootcamp style” curriculum, we enable schools to instantly launch certificate programs without spending huge amounts of capital.  Edcelerant works directly with employers to incorporate the most up to date languages, frameworks, libraries and tools into our curriculum, ensuring that graduates are immediately ready to start as productive employees.  Students gain the same amount of tech skills that a recent grad would learn, but with more practical applications. Most importantly, every qualified graduate is guaranteed a PAID 6-month apprenticeship upon graduation.



Learn Faster, work sooner

Cheaper than another degree

better Return on your investment


No Up Front Development costs

up-to-date curriculum

access to industry partners


Cheaper to Train than hire away

Customized, expanded talent pool

increase retention & productivity



Edcelerant was founded with a social impact mission: to find a sustainable model to increase the tech talent workforce. We believe we've found that model - a model that creates life-changing career opportunities for future coders, enables colleges and universities to offer modernized software development programs without the need for millions in investment, and allows employers to train new people with specialized skills for instant employment, give back to their communities, and do it all for less than it costs to make the typical tech hire.

Edcelerant is incorporated as a B Corp.


Brad Denenberg

Brad Denenberg is an serial entrepreneur and community organizer with deep ties to the tech and business communities. After a decade-long career as a Wall Street trader and designer of trading software, Brad co-founded the largest network for entrepreneurs and investors in the Philadelphia region. Next, Brad launched Philadelphia's first tech startup incubator, Seed Philly, ultimately helping to launch more than 130 companies that created over 700 jobs.  

Most recently, Brad was COO of a small for-profit college, where he created the nation's first coding bootcamp with accreditation and Federal financial aid eligibility.

ricahrd 200.jpg

Richard Binswanger

Richard Binswanger’s career has been devoted to learning and innovation.  After twenty years as an educator serving in a variety of capacities for the top private schools in Philadelphia, including teaching, administration, development, technology, and innovation, Richard launched several ed-tech and IT consulting companies.

Richard has served as an adviser to entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders for more than 30 years. He currently holds board or advisory positions at ImpactPHL, The GreenLight Fund, Jounce Partners, Wissahickon Charter School, Russell Byers Charter, Beyond Celiac and NeuroTinker, among others.

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Students: Find a coding bootcamp Program 

Shoot your career to the next level . Earn your certificate in Full Stack Software Development at any Edcelerant network college or university, and be guaranteed a paid apprenticeship upon completion.

Schools: Deliver our full stack certificate

No giant up-front expenses. No more taking years to develop a new program. Join the Edcelerant School Network and instantly offer our 800 hour, Full Stack Software Development certificate.

Employers: Sponsor and hire apprentices

Close the talent gap today.  Hire and mentor apprentices, and your company will find a loyal, hardworking employee with skills customized to meet your company's needs.